APSU – Funaya Hand Ritual


APSU LIFE – Funaya Hand Ritual.

Hi loves! Its been a while since my last blog review. I have been working on some top secret projects that you will hopefully see soon.

But first a review!

This is my review on the luxury brand ‘APSU’. APSU offer bathing experiences from around the world!

– A bit about APSU –
Apsu is an Australian owned spa brand that launched in July 2016. The founders of APSU traveled for many years learning the beauty practices and treatments from around the world and used throughout time. Bringing to life all of these experiences and rituals, APSU now offers luxury products using the highest quality ingredients from around the world.

The ritual I used and am now reviewing is the Funaya Hand Ritual which is a 3 part Japanese inspired ritual based around green tea and its great benefits!

– A bit about green tea –

I’m a HUGE fan of green tea and was so excited to try this. I have sensitive skin and green tea products have always been great for soothing and calming my temperamental skin..and I love the smell!

If you aren’t familiar with green tea benefits here is a few of them:

– Green tea has anti ageing and antioxidant benefits!
– Green tea has the antioxidant EGCG which stimulates hair growth
– Green tea increases your metabolism.
and SO SO many more!

I was so excited to try this hand ritual with contains:
– The green tea and avocado exfoliating mask for hands (lush!)
– The green tea hand lotion
– The green tea massage candle.

First Impressions:
I could smell the green tea before I opened the packaging…yum! I thought the products were a great size. When I first saw the candle I thought it was a regular candle but its actually a hot oil treatment for hands. I had never tried one before and was super interested to try it!

The Packaging: The packaging was very luxurious green, white and gold and I thought would be a perfect and unique gift for a friend or family member!
All the items were packaged individually and all packaging had the ingredients and instructions on the outside.

The Ritual:


Step 1: The  Green Tea and Avocado Mask for your hands.

It comes in a squeezy no mess tube and the product is white. The ingredients and instructions are also printed on this bottle.
The mask was very light and fresh with a gorgeous scent. There was small rice exfoliates through the mask that buffed and polished my hands while the lotion left them feeling smooth and very hydrated. I applied a thin layer of lotion over my hands and left for a few minutes before rubbing in the exfoliate. I then rinsed and patted dry my hands.

Step 2:  The Green Tea Massage Candle!
The candle came in a square box with the same luxury packaging and the candle is in a little jug.
As per the instructions I trimmed the wick down to 3mm and lit the wick and waited until a warm pool of oil appeared. Once I had put out the flame and tested the product to make sure it wasn’t too hot I massaged it into my hands.
The benefit of this hot oil treatment is to help penetrate the oils into the skin. Essential oils are more easily absorbed into parts of the body which have a large number of sweat glands, such as our palms.
Once I had finished massaging the oil into my hands, I rinsed them off and patted them dry.


Step 3:  The Green Tea Hand Lotion .
The packaging is identical to the hand mask except the product is more of a cream colour. The hand lotion was again thin, but covering and very moisturizing. I massaged it in and it absorbed quickly. I could feel the oils in the product but it didn’t leave any kind of oily feel to my skin. It felt refreshed and smooth, and it smelt great!


-Thoughts –

I spend a lot of time on my  skincare and hair care and too often I neglect my hands, which are actually the driest part of my body. My mum has always reminded me its very important to look after the skin on our hands especially to reduce the signs of ageing.
I feel like using this three part ritual does that using the best possible ingredients.

I truly loved these products and can’t wait to give them as gifts to my skincare obsessed friends and family!

The APSU Funaya Hand Ritual  is available to buy online at http://www.apsulife.com

I hope you love the products as much as I did!


Author: Katie O Makeup

Pro MUA who loves makeup, mindfulness and manifestation ✨ Instagram: @katieomakeup Facebook: @katieomakeup

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