Jord Watches Review (and giveaway!)

jordwatch 6

I could never find a watch that suited my personal style. Then I saw a blogger friend of mine had a new blog post featuring her new ‘Jord’ watch, and I was HOOKED. The watch is made of wood (yes, wood!) and pre-treated with tung oils. I loved how big the actual watch face was so I immediately jumped straight on the Jord website ( and showed these new watches I had discovered to my partner (who is a total watch freak) and he agreed how stunning and and unique they were. There was literally a watch for everyone!

jord watch 5

A few weeks later I was lucky enough to contacted by a Jord to partner up and do a giveaway with them (Dreams do come true!). I was lucky enough to be sent the watch of my choice which was the ‘Frankie’ Ebony and Gold watch. Such a cool watch! Everyone who follows me already know I am obsessed with black and gold and it was no question for me that, that was my perfect watch! All watches can be worn as a women’s watch or a men’s watch.
You can see the link to my exact watch here:

Jord watch 1 (2)

I was a little worried before it came that the watch face would be smaller than it looked in pictures but when it was arrived it was PERFECT!

jord watch 4

I was actually stunned when the package arrived at my door. I opened quite a large box with the words ‘Jord’ on the front and inside was a seriously stunning large wooden box with a magnetic lid. When I opened it I was so excited when I saw the Frankie watch – it was exactly as it looked on the website! The box also contained additional wooden links for the watch and a one-year warranty card. It would honestly be the perfect gift for a loved one. It’s so luxurious!

Jord watch 1 (1)

I was surprised how light the watch was. I imagined being wood it may be a bit heavy but not at all, infact lighter than any watch I have ever owned. The size was perfect, the details were perfect.

jordwatch 7

I cannot tell you how many comments I have received wearing my watch and I am so excited to tell you that Jord are giving one of my subscribers a $100 e-voucher to win and $25 vouchers to anybody who enters!

It is so easy to enter! Just follow this link:

and Good Luck babes! ❤

Luxury Wooden Watch


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